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Rash On Inner Thigh

If you have a rash on inner thigh do not panic that it could be a health disorder or disease because it might just be a symptom. Affected skin becomes itchy, reddish in color and inflamed. This discomfort usually occurs on any parts of your body but in this article let us discuss about the annoying rashes that appear on the inner thighs.

Having a rash on inner thigh is an indication and not a sickness or a health disease, a condition of the skin wherein it gets red, aggravated and bothersome. This can happen at any site of the figure yet here we should discuss rashes in inward thighs that convey its centrality. By and by, the greater part is dealt with in the same way – hinging on the reason.

Assuming that the part of thighs has been laid open to something aggravating and hypersensitive, the rash may happen as reaction. Contact dermatitis or skin aggravation is because of unfavorable response to something that is affected by your skin. This may include substances used contained by showering cleanser, bath gel or cleanser. It can moreover occur for the reason that of rubbing of thighs with one another, which is very common in a person with fatty thighs. Redness and irritation can also be caused due the rubbing of inner thighs with each other called intertrigo.

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The rash on internal thighs might additionally happen because of contact with noxious part found in herbs like toxin oak or ivy, or present in the bug’s sting or creature’s nibble. For example, tick’s nibble can cause Lyme sickness that first structures a round molded wound and afterward transforms into rashes. Infection like Rocky Mountain spotted fever can additionally cause rashes on arms and inward thighs.

These items are set to address various causes and treat all distinctive sorts of rashes. The sum of the items picked for this record are not difficult to find if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis, are plan amicable andwon’t breakout the skin (or exacerbate matters) with unnecessary included scents

Treatment of rash on inner thigh

Researchers have found a lot of different methods and natural ingredients that effectively treat rash on all parts of the body. Read more about rash treatment.

SymptomsRash On Inner Thigh

  • Constant Itching
  • Inflammation or redness around the parts infected
  • Blisters occur in severe cases
  • Burning sensation
  • Irritation
  • Difficult to breathe
  • Discomfort and struggle while walking


Following are the chief causes for the irritation appearing on the inner parts of your thighs. Carefully analyze and prevent them for a healthy itch less lifestyle.

Contact or Exposure

Sometime the sensitive parts might be exposed to certain alien particles that cause irritation and allergic reactions immediately.

Skin inflammation arises due to dermatitis layer comes in contact with allergy causing things. These ingredients can touch your skin layer through the detergent used to wash your inner wears or the chemicals seen in your bathing soap or any such factors that comes in contact with your skin and cause an inner thigh rash.

Inner thigh rashes also occur when both the thighs rub each other while walking or running, especially if they are fat. Sometimes it occurs when your thighs come in contact with certain poisonous things such as ivy or oak. At times bites of animals or insects stings can also cause rashes.


Consuming allergy causing medication or food stuffs can end up with irritating rashes on parts of the body such as thighs, underarms etc. It is really difficult to find out which food causes this and other allergies since it differs from person to person. Some food stuffs that are recognized to be the culprit are strawberry, shellfish, avocado, peanut, sugary and oily food stuffs.


There are certain diseases that cause severe rashes all over the body parts especially inner thighs such as impetigo, psoriasis, eczema etc.

Patients diagnosed with these kinds of health ailments are affected with irritation, redness and inflammation. There are hazardous health conditions like autoimmune diseases that activate the body cells to attack their own counterpart cells, thereby destroying the immune systems. This condition is usually the cause because of the attack of alien bodies without defend.

If the inner areas of the thighs are left moist for longer hours, it is accumulated with certain rash causing microorganisms such as fungus, yeast, rash etc. that grow in to skin lesions and rashes on inner thighs. Vulgaris, ringworm and candida are few reasons which can be treated with the application of antifungal powder or intake of antibiotic. Also STD’s can be the cause.


People who are regular runners or joggers usually are infected with rash on inner thigh areas. The skin layers are cracked and broken due to constant rubbing of pants, shorts and innerwear with the sensitive skin layers. This condition becomes severe during humid climate in the monsoons or sweaty months of summer. You can prevent this by wearing clean hygienic clothes that are not tight and which allow your skin to breathe gleefully.


Cycling is another common cause of rashes on inner thighs. During the cycling process the inner thighs collide with each other causing saddle sores. Regular cyclists will first witness a hot spot on the thigh parts that are prone to friction. This burning is a warning alarm to stop further frictions on those areas. In case you ignore it at this stage then the condition might become severe in to foliculitis. At this stage there are blisters filled with painful irritating pus along with inner thigh rashes. Further riding of bicycle might lead to the final stage that can be rectified only through surgical repair.

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